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UVGI Disinfection

Lotus Technic - UVGI for Air Disinfection

Thanks to the phase of UV radiation at certain wavelengths, it is possible to neutralize microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses that can be carried by air.

The fact that ultraviolet germicidal irradiation or shortly UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) can be used to make existing air conditioning systems working with indoor air reliably has been proven by many academic studies.

Unlike similar applications in the industry, we create special application designs for your system thanks to our test apparatus prepared in accordance with international standards (ASHRAE 52.2-2017), which we developed as a result of the laboratory studies conducted jointly with Ege University. Thus, we make your air conditioning systems disease-free.

Considering the duct sections, air velocities and the dimensions of the transported particles in your system, we can report which design, which particle size, and what level of protection can be provided, approved by the Ege University Microbiological Analysis Laboratory (EGEMIKAL).